Sudoku 247

Sudoku 247

Just like criss cross there’s an interesting grid game which is called Sudoku 247. The game is pretty easy to understand and play, but it comes with a couple of rules just like any other game. You must adhere to the rules to solve the puzzle. I will briefly discuss the ways on how you can solve Sudoku 247 puzzles easily. Some game players apply the smart techniques of X-wing in solving the puzzle of this game, this is totally up to you which technique you wish to incorporate to make it solvable.

For playing Sudoku 247 you need to apply logics thereby following the stipulated rules. And the first rule is that you need to choose the number wisely to put in the right order. There are no symbols or complicated signs in the games, it is based on the digits or numbers only. There’s no math required as well.

What is a Sudoku 247 ?

This is a grid game based on the digits that the players have to arrange and sort out in a certain order to solve the puzzle.

Sudoku 247 is a grid game, you get nine regions of 3x3 cells. In each small region, you have three rows and nine columns. Today, you have three 9 regions in the grid. Each region has three rows and nine columns. Taking about the entire grid, you have 9 rows and 9 columns to put the numbers in.

In Sudoku you don’t have to put all the numbers yourself. Some numbers cannot be changed and they are pre-given in the number, we call them a given number. There is always one correct number per cell already mentioned in the particular region. You need to choose the rest of the numbers correctly to fill out the cells.

Also there must be one number used once only in a row, cell or region, since you will be sorting out the numbers in the order of 1-9 (randomly), one number should be used just one time only.

For instance, if you are filling out the empty cells of row number 1, you should pick the numbers carefully. Use the numbers that are used before in the same row, even when you are concentrating on one region only.

Filling out the missing numbers is not a rocket science, all you have to do is just use a little bit of logic. If in a row you have three numbers given which are 7, 9, 2, now use the remaining missing numbers smartly. Consider the bottom rows and their numbers two, you cannot use the 1 twice in the same row or column. This technique works well for the most part in solving the Sudoku puzzle itself.

How to Play Sudoku 247

  • Start playing in one region first.
  • Put the missing numbers row or column wise.
  • Don’t put the same number.
  • Fill out the empty cells by considering the given numbers of the rows and columns.
  • Scan the numbers of regions, rows or columns if needed so.
  • Each number must be put in each individual row or column.
  • Solve the puzzle by first filling out the numbers that are not present in the area.

In the end I would suggest you put more effort into practice first, you can solve the puzzle quickly by following the game rules. Rule one is that there must be at least one number from 1-9 present in each row and column, likewise, the same number must not not be repeated. With this technique, you will be able to solve the puzzle region by region quickly.

Oh those Halcyon days when the only paper and pen games we knew were “Criss-cross”, “false and true”, and “Tick, Tac, Toe”. Most of the old times gamers were for two players and they were less time consuming because they were designed for fun only. Now if you want to put your intelligence and IQ level to practice you can play those games that require you to map out a plan in order to resolve a problem. It is more or less solving a mathematical equation using the correct formula, however, in the game the formula should be your own. Now you don’t have to play on the paper because you can use your time productively by playing Sudoku.

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